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                The name of the studio comes from the term non-place created by Marc Augé to describe the meeting places of hypermodernized city. Spaces that don't belong to anyone, places that nobody identifies with: metros, airports, bus stations... In short, places where we have to live together, places of passage that belong to all and none, that's where Design has to be.

We are a graphic design and visual communication studio
We work locally and internationally and offer creative direction, photography and graphic design. We engage in ongoing partnerships and in creating a network of creative talent by working in a collaborative way.

Together we develop solid strategies
and engaging design for cultural and
commercial organisations.

We create brand identities, printed matter and visual content. Often rooted in contemporary and cultural contexts. Our process is focused from research, conceptual development and collaboration, resulting in a truly complete solution.

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Instagram - @nonplacestudio
+34 636 66 55 18